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About Us and Semenax

So who are we? We are company in the north of England that has been supplying Semenax to thousands of greatful men for nearly a decade! We have become experts in helping men work out what their problems are and showing them various products that could combat them.

We stand behind Semenax as one of the market leaders because of its fantastic feedback, simple ingredients that are just more of what the body already uses and needs and its fast and effective results.

Why you should trust us

You can trust us on a number of levels - firstly payments. When you are placing your order you will be asked to pay. At that point you will be transferred to a third party payment gateway called Secure Trading. Secure Trading are best placed to deal with taking credit card details because their servers are highly secure and your information will be properly protected. We do this to protect you, the customer and ourselves from online fraud. This means we never hold your card details on file and the only action we can take on your card is to refund the amount you have paid if you decide that you would like to take advantage of our guarantee.

We are not "fly by nights" that will disappear with your money. We have been trading since 2006 and are continually looking for new products to add to our extensive portfolio that can help with both male and female sexual health problems. Yes, we sell other products as well as Semenax, so you can always contact us for more information on the range we sell.

If you need to contact us by phone you can call us on 01924 284391 or alternatively write to us at:

Office 6F
Unit 6
KCR Estate
Dublin, Ireland

If you do order from us then we sincerely hope you see the results you are expecting and that you're happy with our service.

Semenax UK 1 month £42.95
  • One months supply
  • FREE Stud D-Lay Spray
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Semenax UK 2 month £67.99
  • Two months supply
  • + Double Bonuses
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Semenax UK 3 month £99.99
  • Three months supply
  • +Triple Bonuses
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Semenax UK 4 month £123.99
  • Four months supply
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Semenax UK 6 month £175.99
  • Six months supply
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