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You've quite possibly seen those "films" where the guy is able to shoot for ages and have you ever wondered how he does it?!

They use semen boosters, which are supplements that they take every day that help the body to create semen quickly.

These supplements are made from natural herbs and supply nutrients to the body using one main ingredient that is the key to producing loads more cum. Read below to learn more...

That's not the only benefit that you get with them - how about longer orgasms?!

The benefits of using it are:

  • Increased semen volume of up to 500%
  • WOW your lover with your performance!
  • Longer more satisfying orgasms
  • Increase in libido and your performance will WOW
  • Have sex multipe times per session

The market leader in cum boosting is this, it contains the key ingredient along with other nutrients that the body uses to create up to 500% (yes that's five hundred percent) more semen.

There's more though! Because your body produces more ejaculate than normal, it needs to store it, but naturally it also needs to expel it through ejaculation. Almost automatically the body starts expelling the extra cum, so your libido improves, and you'll be wanting sex more often.

An orgasm is created as the ejaculate fluid passes out through the penis and lasts as long as the ejaculation. So, if you're ejaculating more and for longer then your orgasms are going to go on for longer and they are going to be far more intense than before.

That kind of performance is going to absolutely wow your partner!

It has been medically tested and endorsed by many American doctors and is completely safe to use.

What's the key then?

Put simply, it's Zinc that is the key. A higher than normal Zinc level in the body makes it over produce volume. Let's be clear, this is not all sperm, but the fluid that contains it.

With your increased libido and sexual performance you should be producing more sperm though, because there's more of a container to store it.

Taking this product is quite easy, you need to take the course as directed which is 3 tablets per day, morning noon and night. You should start to see or feel things happening after around 7 days.

It is that fast acting, and you should keep on taking it to see some great results. One bottle contains 90 capsules that last a month, but remember we do some great discounts on multi buys.

We also offer a wide range of similar products that can further enhance your sexual prowess journey. They go really well with them, so all the tools you need are on our order page! Check it out, we run daily discounts that can help get you on the right road to sexual success.

*We always recommend that you see a medical doctor if you have any pre-existing medical condition that you are taking prescription drugs for. Everybody is different and even though it is a natural herbal supplement we cannot guarantee effects when taken with other medications.

Did you know about our guarantees, customer service and great feedback?

  • Our full support throughout your course
  • Genuine product only supplied
  • Full satisfaction or your money back

Firstly, read about some of the feedback we've had:

We often get feedback from men in the UK and Ireland that have tried them to boost their sex lives, here's what some have said:

My balls were feeling fuller after a week.

There's just so much cum, everywhere!!!!

I've had my first 10 second orgasm!

Now what about our guarantee?

We've been selling it in the UK and Ireland since 2006, and our returns rate is less than 8%. This in itself goes to show what a remarkable difference this product can make. Because of this we guarantee that you will see some results, and if for any reason you're not happy, find that it just isn't for you then we'll refund you in full.

We even give you two full months to decide and to make sure it's working! There's no risk!

100% Customer Service

Our representatives are here to help not sell! We're very experienced in dealing with male sexual problems and can often advise on which product may suit you the best. We promise a response to your query with 24 hours.

Your privacy is our main priority and so everything we do is private. All of our packaging is opaque, to stop prying eyes, there is no mention of the product name on our packaging and our returns address does not give a clue of where it came from. The same can be said for our billing system, the name or sexual enhancement product is not used on any billing, just a generic company name and you wil have to sign for your package when it arrives with Royal Mail. We won't invoice your billing address, and we won't send marketing material out to you after you have ordered.

When you place your order that is the only time we will bill your card - we never ever use automatic billing so you can be safe in the knowledge that there are not going to be any shocks from us in the future. If you need more supplies you will have to reorder through this site.

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